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About Garrick

Garrick fills the room with his tall presence, smile and enthusiasm for community and the practice of yoga. His principles are: Breath. Movement. Awareness. With focused breath and movement, we naturally wake to heightened states of awareness.


In Garrick's classes, students can expect persistent and detailed breath work, emphasizing sensitivity to the rhythm and quality of breath. With a solid alignment background, he teaches the fundamentals of safe and stable pose mechanics. Garrick’s classes often build toward a peak flow, where the poses explored early in the class are creatively sequenced into a meditative, slow vinyasa flow, matched to the timing of music loops.  


Garrick is the developer of the LoopFlow methodology, a unique approach to yoga that focuses on the timing of breath and movement. In LoopFlow, music loops, called BreathTracks, are used to keep time and bring spirit to vinyasa flow. With a sustained state of attention on the timing of breath and movement, yoga asana becomes a deep moving meditation.


E-RYT 500 certified, Garrick will always be a student of yoga. He continues to practice and research the traditions of yoga, alternate movement modalities, and spiritual awakening. Garrick’s key teachers include: Annie Carpenter, Nome, Oscar Ichazo, and Russ Smith.

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Vinyasa Level 2-3
Vinyasa All Levels

An advanced level class in a room heated to 85-90 degrees. In this class, Garrick leads a persistent physical effort and encourages students to explore their edge. Challenging pose modifications and transitions will be offered as options. While this is a vigorous class, Garrick asks students listen to their bodies and adjust effort to best honor their own practice.   

An exploration of yoga poses and movement focusing on breath and the opportunity to access deeper states of awareness. Garrick’s all levels vinyasa classes take into account the range of students’ abilities, offering a path for everyone to enjoy their yoga journey. Each class is shaped to deepen connection to body, mind, and spirit; warm into breath and movement, build strength and stability, flow with heightened awareness, open and release tension, learn to let go... Sometimes practiced in a heated room.

Sunday Morning Flow

“Yoga Church” -- start your Sunday with self-reflective dharma talk and a nourishing gentle asana class... Ease into your practice without strain, connect to breath, gradually build into movement, wind down with openers and deep Savasana. The perfect pre-brunch start to your Sunday!


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