LoopFlow Method

Developed by Garrick Peters

LoopFlow is a methodology developed to bring heightened awareness and enjoyment to the timing of breath and movement in yoga. In LoopFlow, repeating music loops [BreathTracks] are used to keep time and guide tempo, bringing spirit to Prānāyāma and Āsana.


The practice of yoga is sometimes described as an ‘art of attention.’ There are many traditions and approaches to yoga, and they vary in which key focal points of attention they emphasize.


LoopFlow draws upon the yogic principles of Prānāyāma [breath practice], Āsana [postures and movement], and Dhāranā [concentration].


Prānāyāma, the regulation or restriction of breath, has many methods where detailed attention is placed on the breath while awareness is focussed on timing, rhythm, patterning, and breadth quality.


In Āsana, proprioception, or awareness of the body in space, is commonly understood when holding a pose. However, it also encompasses the awareness of the body while moving through space, such as moving from one pose to another, i.e. the transition.


Dhāranā, concentration, focusing the mind and attention, can be cultivated and enhanced through Prānāyāma and Āsana, but is not limited to movement and breath.


LoopFlow looks at the timing of breath and movement, and the quality of breath and movement, as a tool for heightening Dhāranā and bringing an enjoyable perspective to Prānāyāma and Āsana. 

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